Vancouver Missions

Grade 9 students will be traveling to Vancouver. They will be serving along side of a number of inner city ministries. A focus of the trip is to hear the voice of God and service.

Please be in prayer for:

-Safety while traveling.

-Hearing the word of God.

-Courage in responding to the word of God.


March 30th

Hey Fort Christian, staff, students, parents, and siblings today was the day we arrived in Abbotsford B.C. When we arrived at the Mark Center we unpacked, went on a walk to a nearby park, had Mr. fast pray for our lunch (over speakerphone) and had a session with Steve Klassan. One of the questions we were asked during a small session was “What do you think was the purpose of this missions trip?” The thing that came to my mind was hearing Gods voice and being open to listening to Him. During a period of time we practiced hearing God’s voice, I was reading my bible and a verse that stood out to me was Jeremiah 29:11 which says “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper and not to harm plans to give you Hope and a Future”. The reason this verse stood out was that I have been looking at the courses I need for high school and which university I want to go to but this verse is telling me that God knows the plans he has for me and if he doesn’t want me getting into nursing I need to let him direct my paths and let him be in charge instead of me which I find really encouraging. Please continue to keep us in prayer.

–Maegan B


Today during a reflection time we were asked to listen for Gods voice; something that really stuck out at me during this time was the verse Proverbs 4:11-12. It talks about God giving us wisdom and him making a straight path for us to walk without letting us stumble or fall. This spoke to me because it's telling us that God always has our best interests in mind and he doesn't want us hurt or to be discouraged. In choosing to follow him he will watch over us and never give us more than we can handle. Tomorrow you can be praying for the team as half of us head to Night Shift Ministries and the other half to Union Gospel Mission. Some specifics to pray for are for us to really be able to connect with the people and to really hear Gods voice when we interact with them. 


March 31st

Hello Fort Christian School, today I went to Night Shift ministries where I served my hours cleaning and being a helping hand around the area. When we were there I saw the hopelessness inside of the peoples eyes, face and even their hearts were in a million pieces. Their wounds were getting deeper and deeper everyday, they think there is no escape to their issue. It was very disappointing that the people on the street automatically said that God would not be able to help and support them. They never let God get close enough to look at them or try to help them. If they were to just spend five minutes to allow God to look at them he will take those five minutes and change their lives. He will show them love, comfort and even the respect that they do not get on the streets. This was a great eye opening experience because of their hate or love for God. One of the things that you guys can pray for is that the people on the streets will take the time to let God look at them.



Hello Fort Christian School, I went to United Gospel Missions (UGM) in New Westminster. UGM served breakfast and lunch and our class mostly had conversations with the guests. We got to know them more by telling stories. I had conversations with the guests, cleaned tables, and did a chapel with our class. I think this is unique because I never had conversations with strangers because honestly I was scared and nervous, but after I talked to this one guy I got comfortable and really enjoyed talking to them. I met some cool guys who had different stories and had fun listening to them. God helped our class to be more comfortable and made me more confident. God told me to go talk to a stranger who was eating by himself and I learned that going up to people I don’t know aren’t that bad. Some had funny and long stories but I still enjoyed it. I really pray for them that they really meet God and I want all of us to pray that they become Christians and really believe that Jesus resurrected from the dead. It was a great experience for me because this was my first step to meet God.


April 1st

            Hi everybody. Today was an impacting day for the team at UGM (Union Gospel Mission.) When we arrived the staff acknowledged how “on time” we were (mostly because yesterday’s team wasn’t as punctual.) After we got set up to serve breakfast we were all assigned jobs. My job was to serve coffee, say good morning, and ask how there morning was going. Most of them answered: “I just woke up.” So I just told them that sleep is good, and wished them a good day. Later the team had to do a 15 minute chapel, “It was untuned, and unharmonized.” – True words from one of our team members. After that experience we got to sit down and chat with the street friends, and hear about their life story. It was really interesting hearing about their experiences, and how they got to Vancouver. Sean and Jonah talked to a man named Larry. He told them that he got to Vancouver on the back of a lamb. And it was a feisty one too. Then he said he was dragged to court. He told me something similar. It was an impacting experience to see how so many people around us live. I am very much looking forward to serving supper at Nightshift ministries tomorrow. See ya soon.

            -Jack J  


A really neat poem that was shared with our team:

Follow Jesus around the Scriptures – be an observer
Watch how he looks
Watch how he touches
Watch how he is present to people
Watch how he prays and takes time out

Let him look at you
Let him touch you
Let him hold you
Let him heal you
Let him be present to you

Then become the look
Become the touch
Become the presence

By Doreen Kostynuik

It is really neat to watch how our team is experiencing becoming the look, the touch and the presence of Christ in the ministries that we are involved in. A man named William mentioned he would add us to his prays, as such he is praying that we would increase in the Love of God, that we would increase in the Love of the church and that we would increase in the Love of the lost.

God Bless,

Mr. Charest


April 2nd

Hey parents and fellow students, Noah here, just going to tell a bit about what we did today. We started out the day at 10am with brunch (hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast) and a guest speaker named Matt Bergen. He told us a bit about his life as a teen growing up with a distant father, and not very much church support. Anyway he works with youth who live on the street. He visits guys who are in jail, and tries to get them on track. After that we (meaning Jack, Sean, Joe, Jonah, Megan M, Rachel, Hannah, Meghan M, Mr. Charest, and myself) went swimming at a local pool where a couple swim teams were swimming provincial’s races. Mr. Charest’s cousin and her friend came out also and hung out with us a bit. After that we had pizza from a really good pizza shop, then got packed up to go to Night Shift. What we did was serve supper to the guests that came out tonight. We all met some great people and had some good conversations with them. I talked with one of the volunteers whose name was Ed. He is, in my opinion, a walking talking miracle. A couple years ago he had health issues. His heart and breathing stopped for 12 minutes! He has such a love for the people living on the streets, he’s retired he has the money to do what he wants, but instead he commits his evenings to helping these people. This is all from me for now see you guys when I get back. –Noah


Hey It’s Rachel here just going to tell you guys some more about what we saw when we were out at Nightshift serving dinner to some street people. When we first got there we all met inside and were told about the general idea of what to expect when we were out serving the people. Then it was a quick prayer over all the volunteers and the people there, and then we were off to work. Some of us were setting up stations, helping bring out food to the food truck to be served, bringing beverages out to the drink table. I was a part of the drink table crew; we served four beverages milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, and coffee. We saw all sorts of different people there some had dogs with them others were alone or with a spouse. After serving dinner and talking with some of them we all got together for a prayer circle just an open opportunity for anyone to pray for any issues or problems that were in their our someone they knows life. Then it was time for dessert and more visiting. Then clean up and the trip back to the Mark centre where we had our daily debriefing and one last prayer over the day and now were all off to bed. God bless you all please continue to keep us in your prayers. ~Rachel~

April 3rd

Hello to everyone,

Today we went to attend and help out Street Church on East Hastings Street. While we were there we served hot dogs, drinks, and socialized with the other attendees. The trip so far has impacted me a lot in that, I believed that everyone on the street was a bad person, a drug addict, or someone hiding from the law. Although that is true in some cases most of the people on the street are warm and loving and really just caring towards younger people. 2 different people that I met and UGM and Street Church talked to me only about my education and that I NEED to stay in school and do well in it. I feel that God is just pushing me out of my shyness around new people and to just put myself out there and be his servant. Please keep every one of our new street friends and us in your prayers.


           Hey, Hannah here, just giving a recap of everything we did, and how I felt. First off, we went to the village church in the morning, which I found pretty cool. It was the first time I’ve ever been to such a big and loud church, I was really into the music. After that we drove to Grandville Island, where there were many shops and restaurants, and plenty of places to get stuff. Even though I didn’t get anything (except food), most things there were too expensive. After that we went to the street church down in east Hastings Street, and I’d have to be honest, I was surprised. I never expected the streets to be that filled with the homeless and how dirty and ruined everything was. I found myself making sure I was really close to everyone, and not in the back of the group. I never thought there would be so many people on the ground trying to sell anything, and people taking drugs right before my eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared to walk in the city. But in the church it had a much warmer feeling. The music was great, and many people were extremely friendly. I’m starting to trust myself more, and I find myself trying to be more out there. I’m hoping in the next few days I will hear Gods voice more clearly, and he will really speak to and impact me. I’m having a really great time, and I would definitely do it again if I got the chance. Goodnight J ~Hannah~    

April 5th

Hello mine family, it’s me! Sean. Today we had a brilliant experience to share our lunches with our homeless friends. We got to talk and chat it up with the friends; they had some pretty crazy stories that impacted us all. We got to talk to a guy named Tom he had MS, which means Multiple sclerosis. This affected his spinal cord and his central nervous system, which made him disabled in his legs. He was a really cool guy who liked to hear what we had to say. Later we went to corners of East Hastings street to offer free prayer, we met a lady named Elizabeth who requested prayer to help her get out of the streets because she really hated it there and wanted to start a new life. We had many comments about the prayer sign many being inappropriate and others being uplifting, it was cool to see those who wanted prayer and who wanted to start a new life so desperately. Doing this really impacted me due to the want and needs of others, I would originally think of the street friends as being scary and bad but they all are loving and kind but some of them were sketchy. I learned many things about our happy chaps and I would love to do ministry with them again. I am going to make you pray for Tom with MS and Elizabeth with her want to get out of the streets this has been a great time for us all and I hope and pray that you also will have an opportunity for a trip such as this.

Love !!+(Sean)-*&^


Hello everyone its Megan

Today I went to a park and shared a lunch with a homeless kind guy and he told his story. It was awesome, but at times difficult as he was smoking and drinking in front of us. After that we all got together and walk towards East Hastings and started to hold signs saying “Free Prayers” lots of people didn’t come, but some people did. One lovely guy came up to me ask me to pray for is drug addiction, so I did and he was really touched by my prayer. We moved to different location because we wanted to see if it made a difference and it did. One guy walked up to me when we walking to are new location and ask what the sign meant, I said it mean u get prayed for no money and he said I will get on my knee and u pray for me and I did. That guy felt a lot better after I prayed. I continue on my way to the next location and another guy walks up to me again and ask if we could pray for him. We prayed for him because his friend/family passed away and he loved that we prayed for him. After that he followed us for about 10 minutes until Mr. Charest gently scared him off. After that we went to the lion gate bridge and bought some things and went back to the mark centre. That’s it see u guys on Thursday J

Final Thoughts From Megan M.

Hey ya’ll! Meg Moe here!

Since I didn’t have time to write yesterday (which was Tuesday), I’m doing it right now, on the plane. Going to Fraser Valley Gleaners on Monday was a super cool experience; we got to help cut up ‘second-hand’ vegetables in order to make the soup mixes and then we got to put together many, many bags of vegetable soup mix. We were told that every hour we worked, we were feeding 150 kids! Working with some of the people there was amazing, and watching them work taught me the importance of working really hard and doing my best. We also found out that the oldest guy working there had just turned 97 years old two days previous! And he was hauling heavy barrels of split peas like it was nothing!

On Tuesday we went to Oppenheimer Park to share lunches with people and down to East Hastings Street as well as Gastown offering free prayer to people who wanted it that walked by. I noticed that when we were down on East Hastings Street, we had at least four or five people come up to us asking for prayer, they were also very open about what they were struggling with and their background stories. We did the same when after walking to Gastown. Although, everyone just blew past us because their excuses were either that they didn’t have time and they had to be somewhere or what we were doing was just plain stupid (in their opinions). But me, Rachel and Noah had a guy come up to us in Gastown that happened to be the maître de of Chill Winston (which was also the building we were standing right outside of) asking what we were doing. We explained to him that we were offering free prayer to people if they wanted it. We asked him if he had anything that he needed prayer for and after hesitating for a couple of seconds, he told us that his friend’s father had just had a stroke that morning and he couldn’t be there with his friend to comfort her. Feeling touched, all three of us prayed for him and peace for his friend that he couldn’t be with. After we had all said amen, he looked like he had just been relieved from carrying a heavy burden, he thanked us and sent a picture of us three to his friend to let her know that we were supporting her in our prayers.

Since the first day we had arrived in Abbotsford, I’ve had 3 John 1:11 stuck in my head. “Dear friends, do not imitate what is evil but what is good.” This verse really encouraged me because in reality, this applies to each and every one of us. We should be mirroring Christ and encouraging truth and goodness to people we meet. Being the light in the darkness.